Haul-A-Way Homes

I haven’t been able to find out much yet about this endeavor but photos from the Oregonian files are dated from 1941. The date of the photo with the unit loaded on the truck is dated June 24th and the photo of the sited house with some shrubbery around it is dated Jul 5, 1941. The sited unit was evidently the “Victory” model.

The sign affixed to the house says “America’s first completely factory built and furnished low cost home” by Haul-A-Way Homes and has a business address of 208 SW Broadway St. phone AT 9216.

The information with the photographs states that the “inventor” is Allison Dean and that he has patents pending. It says the homes are union built and Drake Wyman and Voss Inc. are listed as Fabricators.

The last photograph in the slide show is possibly an existing HAUL-A-WAY HOME. It is in the St Johns area where I believe some of these houses were delivered.

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