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Healthy, Sustainable and Innovative

Here is a home focused on healthy living, energy efficiency, sustainability and clean modernist architecture. It is a certified LEED Home with a Platinum level, one of the highest energy efficiency and sustainable building practices ratings availabe. It scored a 9 on the Portland Home Energy Score program which uses a scale of 1-10 (the average Portland house scores a 4.4 according to according to a March 6th update from Earth Advantage on the City’s Home Energy Score website : https://www.pdxhes.com/blog/2018/2/14/key-updates-about-the-city-of-portland-home-energy-score-from-earth-advantage ).

Designed by architect Darin Dougherty (Seed Architecure) the house was the first in Portland to be built with floors, walls and roofs of structural insulated panels (SIPS). These panels provide an impressive efficiency of structure as they serve as the framing, sheathing and insulation with little or no additional structural support needed. The system greatly reduces thermal bridging and air infiltration and the insulation value is impressive: R-30 for the walls and R-60 for the ceilings. Note: the City of Portland Home Energy Score has a maximum R value for wall insulation of R-21.

A healthy indoor living environment was a top priority in the design and construction of the home. The SIPS system provides an efficient air-tight envelope. A heat recovery and ventilation system continuously removes stale air and delivers fresh air to the entire house. The recovery system transfers up to 90% of the captured heat back into the fresh air being brought into the house, thus saving on heating costs. Low/zero VOC and formaldehyde paints and materials were used throughout. A radon barrier and vent system was installed during construction.

Energy efficiency and sustainability guided every decision regarding materials and systems. The exterior uses no paint. Siding is recycled COR-TEN steel and FSC certified wood that was reclaimed from a barn in Happy Valley. Cabinetry throughout the house is framed with bamboo and topped with Fuez counter tops made of curbside recycled glass, cement and fly-ash. The flooring on the main level is cork and on the upper level bamboo. Toilets are low-flow dual flush. All appliances are Energy Star or better. main heat is via 2 Fujitsu “mini-split” heat pumps. A centralized plumbing plan delivers hot water to every tap in seconds.

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