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Airstream Tradewind

The Airstream Project

March 2018 Housing Data

John Yeon: a brief biographical sketch

"It is this combination of Yeon's interest the landscape and his interest in the built environment that resulted in what is so singular about his architectural work and perhaps is why such a relatively short list of built projects has had such a lasting and broad impact: his is a disciplined architecture of place. And it is not just a wink and a nod as in 'each project has to be a response to the site.' Each project is the site. His work is the essence of regional architecture."

6108 NE 45th Ave

Airstream Tradewind

Airstream project: Introduction

February Data Snack

brief look at recent Portland Oregon housing prices and data

February 2018 Housing Data

Airstream Project: Overview

japanese garden

Japanese Garden Winter Visit

Getting Rid of the Vinyl

portland housing information

November 2017 Data Snack Video

Airstream Project: Letting Go...

Byrne Residence-Will Bruder

Saul Zaik At the Drawing Board

Architect Saul Zaik has spent a lifetime drawing and designing. Here he talks about how he is approaching his latest job.

About John Yeon

Three short videos on John Yeon

Airstream Project:

Demo Phase I: Stripping the Interior

airstream project: the before

Airstream Project: Sizing Up The Space

Tim Jones Residence

Long time Portland interior designer Tim Jones talks a bit about his last own residence in the city.

The Tower House by Architect Ben Waechter

American Homes

Prefab house

Haul-A-Way Homes

A Portland prefab home builder in the 1940's

Portland Art Moderne

There aren't a lot of art moderne style houses in Portland but this one is a fine example located above the old Lair Hill neighborhood.

portland design

Tim Jones

Long time interior designer Tim Jones talks a bit about design and being a "nit-picker"

Douglas Lynch

Design Build: Raphael Design

Matt Raphael talks about the house he built for himself on Mount Tabor

Featured Craftsman:

Tom Ghilarducci fabricates a stairway

Neal Creek Retreat

This house received an AIA Built Honor Award in 2007. The jury comments were: "The jury was taken by the way this building sits on the landscape and found it to be an example of elegant and innovative use of space on a very restrictive budget. They described the project as very humble in its concept - very tight in plan and beautifully executed with a vertical circulation for the meadow up into the house. The jurors particularly enjoyed the creation of outdoor space within the rectangular plan with no additive features on the outside.

Saul Zaik the Dean of Portland Architects