The Airstream Project

a series of posts about how we remade a 1977 Airstream Tradewind into our second home.

I started with a 1977 Airstream Tradewind. I gutted the interior, removed the interior skins, all the windows and vents, wiring, insulation, plumbing and mechanicals. Most of the work took place in my driveway but I had Silver Bullet Trailers lift the shell off the chasis, modify the frame, install new axles and a new gray water tank and subfloor.  Then I rebuilt to match my own needs and aspirations.  Some of the best improvements came from taking things out and not putting them back in. I don’t have an extensive shop or tool set-up. The project took just over a year and a half of darned close to full time work.

Airstream Tradewind
#1 Introduction To The Project
#2 As Purchased
#3 Demo Phase I
#4 Dealing With Holding Tanks
#5 Getting Rid of The Vinyl
#6 Finishing Up Demolition
#7 Sizing Up The Space